Best ways to increase Facebook shares

Facebook is a platform to share your good stuff with your friends and family. Facebook allow you to create fan page for your business or service as like little website. Every brand and all companies now have their own facebook pages where they published new products for promotion. FB generated a sharing system which they called Facebook share. Using this service page owner can promote new stuff with other followers with one click. Facebook likes is a system which used to measure the quality of content by search engines. So, if you have good quantity of share or like then your product or news will reach to maximum peoples and even your content will appear higher in the SERPs.

For new user of facebook it’s very hard to increase likes or share on page. They ask friends to share post or like on page. This is very tedious job and takes too much time to increase likes. Let me share some information how to increase your facebook likes or shares.


Advertises Your Facebook Page – That’s an easy way to promote your page to your related business companies. You can advertise your FB page through your visiting card, newspapers and even through other media. Facebook also offer you to buy share or likes form Facebook internal advertisement system. You can buy service as per your budget level. You can set daily and monthly basis. But according to ROI survey its very costly and big waste of money because some of likes come from just junk people who are just entertainer not a serious buyer. So, if you manage your ad as per your business niche then cost will increase and you get higher cost likes.

Market your Facebook Page – Facebook allow you to create Fan box for your website. You can use this fan box into your website and they will your existing likes with small pictures in box style. This will increase interest to your website visitor to like your page. It’s an easy way to increase your likes without any cost.


Join Relevant Groups – Joining new groups related to yours niche is a good idea to increase your facebook like. You can join maximum groups but FB limited to join small groups in start. There is a problem also. As you know all your followers and groups post also share on your wall. If we join maximum groups then all groups post will also show on our wall. Our wall full with groups messages most of the time and it’s very hard to set our wall neat and clean.

Exchange Likes with other – One and easy and free way to share likes with your other friends. There is a term you scratch my ass and I will scratch your ass. According to this term you can join different exchange group also where you post your page for likes and follow other peoples pages for likes. Its and easy why to get likes but again its tedious and need hard work.

Buy shares from third party – Finally, let me introduce a good and secret way that get involve into purchasing Facebook shares. You can buy bulk Facebook shares from these companies at cheap rate.. There are many Facebook shares selling company where from you can purchase Facebook share with in your budget limit. Secret thing is all big companies buy this service to increase internet rating.